New plans for F1 track in Greece

Jan 09, 2013
New plans for F1 track in Greece

For many years we hear the infamous construction of a F1 track in Greece. Sites that have been heard so many in southern and in northern Greece but in all cases the slope remained on models only.

But new information that make their appearance in recent days report that has already begun

a very significant move for the construction of the track Drapetsona indeed have already begun and the first contacts with both the boss of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone - who also seems very positive - both manufacturers and the corresponding track in Istanbul for knowledge transfer in Greece.

The site chosen is a very beautiful place by the sea and from what we see in projects outside of the track there is a marina that will accommodate boats of spectators.

This is certainly a very good news that will bring thousands of jobs in Greece both for construction and for the management of the track and will surely stimulate too much tourist interest in our country since the countries hosting the F1 championship would be and are attractive tourist destinations.
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